Where have I been?

IMG_4478 Where have I been? No I did not leave my passion or you guys behind. I wasn’t feeling like my self the past few months and I couldn’t figure out why. I was tired all the time and did not have any energy in me but little did I know that a blessing was on our way. 👶🏾  We are happy to announce that we are expecting our new blessing that god has send us. Due date for baby’s arrival is February 9,2018. We don’t know the gender yet but I couldn’t be more anxious to find out. 😘

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A summery day 🌞🌿

IMG_4007IMG_3898IMG_4003Hi babes, sure missed you all. But I can finally fill you guys all in on my outfit I paired last Saturday. Last Saturday was so beautiful out and I decided to go for a pair of white knee ripped jeans with a beautiful detailed rose pattern, over the shoulder blouse. For accessories I went for these dramatic white earrings, and simple gold rings. To finish the look I paired the outfit with some gold detail sandals. Hope you guys like the outfit if u you do don’t forget to leave me a comment down below or a comment on instagram. Make sure to follow me⬇️  And until next time babes 😘 Love you guys more than I love taco 🌮 trucks.                                                                     Everything besides sandals or purse I got at 👉🏽Shop the look 👉🏽 forever21.com       Sandals👉🏽 Aldoshoes.com                             Stylebyfani❤️❤️

Current 3-step skin care.

Hi babes, these are my current favs at the moment. I am oily to sometimes combination skin. I have been using the Boscia facial cleanser. This cleanser has been working for me due to i had a lot of cloged pores, this cleanser gets rid of dirt, makeup, and excess oil and has really been doing what it says it does. The second step i use is the Clinque Toner. I Really recommend this toner because if you haven’t tried it you don’t know what you are missing out on. This toner is amazing i literally think i would take my makeup off and cleance and think it’s clean…..but no! One swipe with a cotton ball of the toner and it will leave u speechless. It gets rid of dirt, makeup, excess oil, and dead skin cells. Leaving you with a fresh base for all the moisture to be absorbed. The third step is moisturizer even though I am oily I still love a good hydrating moisturizer. The Estee Luader Daywear has been my go to.  This product has been helping my makeup stay longer with out having to blot or touch up during the day. So hot summery days come here because I am readyyy for you! 🌞I love you guys more than I love taco trucks🌮                                                             StyleByFani❤️❤️❤️

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Pink lady.


Make a statement with these pink PumaXFenty by Rihanna sneakers. On today’s look I paired these shoes with light washed ripped jeans with fishnets underneath and a pink sweatshirt to complete the outfit. If you loved this look please leave me a comment bellow↓and leave me a ♥ emoji on my Instagram/Twiiter account so that i know you seen it! Make sure you follow me for more looks. I love you guys more than i love taco trucks! 🌮       StyleByFani♥♥

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The start of my Journey……..

I am extremely excited to finally post my first blog.  My dream has always been to share  my passion about beauty and fashion. I will be trying to do weekly “ootd”(outfits of the day) and beauty talks with you guys. This year I have seen a lot of embroidered and patching’s to jean jackets, pants and  shoes. These shoes would be a perfect match for the summer. The simple touch of  patched flowers make a big statement to any outfit. I paired these shoes with some knee ripped black jeans and an over the shoulder white blouse. To top this look off,  I paired it  with a gold chocker necklace and my burgundy purse to add more color. If you want to see more of my looks make sure to follow me. leave me a comment below with your positive thoughts and a heart emoji on my  Instagram/ Twitter  so I know you loved this look! I love you guys more than I love taco trucks🌮                                              StyleByFani ♥♥